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Mental Health and Wellbeing Assessment

This is an online mental health assessment to identify areas of improvement for your mental health. 

It will benefit anyone looking for a proactive approach to their wellbeing. This assessment comes with a report of your results and recommendations for actions to give you the science-based information needed to take actions.

This assessment is divided into 6 different sections to capture different areas of your functioning (e.g. relationships, bodily functioning, and more). The total time needed to complete the assessment will be roughly 10-15 minutes. 

The questions are based on existing evidence-based psychological measures. You can be sure that the assessment will provide reliable and accurate results. However, this is not designed to diagnose any mental illnesses. If you are looking for a diagnosis then this tool is not for you.

The purpose of this tool is to identify areas that are negatively contributing to your mental health and behavioural difficulties so you can take proactive actions. If you feel this might help you then continue to the next page to begin.

Its recommended to email first to assess suitability before proceeding:  [email protected]